Christian Prince vs Pakistani Muslim

September 29, 2011

I apologize to our Muslim friends if any are offended by Christian Prince although you must recognize that this website is only a mirror for some of the debates that have taken place between Christianity and other religions and not the originator of these debates or connected to or responsible for the debaters themselves.  Christian Prince is a different kind of debater, one who does not limit himself to what is considered polite.  As far as I am aware, he believes that to properly debate Islam, then no Muslim source approved of by Muslim scholarship should be ignored  and says what he believes in a very blunt manner.  Christian Prince, although possibly going against what is prescribed for Christian apologists in the bible may be one of the best christian debaters against Islam.  The issue of whether his debate methods are biblical or biblical is an entirely different debate.  Christian Prince is also the author of a book entitled The Deception of Allah   and often opens a room in paltalk that is open for debate although he is very strict about keeping the discussion on topic and can sometimes frustrate guests who are not as direct about their beliefs as he is.


2 Responses to “Christian Prince vs Pakistani Muslim”

  1. I adore this guy. much needed in our world today.

  2. Arnel Says:

    this guy can demolish Ameed Deedat, Shabir Ally and zakir naik..EXPOSES ISLAM AT IS BEST

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